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Happy New Year Again!

It’s Chinese New Year today. Last night, we were at a friend’s celebrating. Food is a big part of Chinese New Year. We had hot pot, dumplings, we drank, we gave red packages to our kids, and they played till very very late… This year the Chinese New Year falls on the same day as BC Family Day, so we actually have a day off.

In the spirit of new year, we’ve already done a few new things. We DIY-ed our own standing desk. It is an IKEA hack, but way better than the ones you already saw online. We’ll post a tutorial and a review soon.

I made my first batch of handcrafted soap. It’s goat milk soap. It does not look as pretty as I expected. But I have high hope to put them into good use.

Leon started to do the pour-over method for our morning coffee. It does taste a lot better than the ones we got from regular coffee shops. And it is a lot of fun, from picking the coffee beans, grinding, measuring time and pouring the water over… an interesting process.

Last but not least, we have something exciting in store. We are launching a new wedding photography blog written in Chinese. Over the years being wedding photographers ourselves, we’ve known so many great photographers and learn so much from them. Now we want to share what we learn and showcase their wonderful work in a language that we are good at. And we want to make a difference.

China’s photography world, especially the wedding photography industry is changing rapidly. Today’s photographers are always actively looking for opportunities to learn new ideas and skills and incorporate them into their own work. Many of them go around the world and attend workshops and conference (such as WPPI) every year. Many of them do very good, winning recognition and awards.

But what we hope to do here is to open a window for them, build a website that showcases phenomenal photographers and their work, delivers insights and inspirations right to their fingertips, helps grow and refine them as artists. All of this, in their own language. And if by any chance, we can encourage every photographer to be not afraid of being different and make the Chinese wedding photography industry a more diversified community, then we do make a difference.

We are not a wedding planning blog. We are a wedding photography blog. See us as a small independent gallery. As curators, our job is to collect art work and construct innovative and creative “exhibitions” that appeal to our targeted audience.

We are looking for photographers that tell wedding stories with unique styles. Jonas Peterson’s work is prose in photographs. His construction of stories is a natural flow, loose and graceful. Fer Juaristi is a knife, stabbing into your heart, simple and direct. Nirav Patel is the water. You see the quiet surface, but you can feel the turbulent flow under it . Gabe McClintock is a master of creating mood. There are a multitude of layers existing in his photos, and he uses them to envelope the subjects and the viewers into the mood he creates.

There are so many of others. Some we know. Some we don’t. But if you are a wedding photographer, and are interested in getting your work featured on our new website, or you have someone in mind you think is perfect for our website, now is a good time to email us. Our address is: info <@> orangememories.com . Look forward to hearing from you!

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