lin + leon

Hi we are lin + leon. We are the Orange Memories Photography, a documentary wedding photography team based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We are from China, but met and fell in love in Vancouver. We are now married for almost 11 years, and our daughter Chloe is turning 7 this spring.

Before we started our business in the fall of 2010, we’d both worked in news media for many years. Lin had worked as a newspaper reporter and online news editor for six years after graduating with a Journalism Master degree from University of British Columbia. And Leon had taken various responsibilities as television videographer and news producer, newspaper editor and photographer in both China and Canada.

As journalists, revealing the fact and telling the true story——whether through the keyboard or the lenses——was part of our job. That doesn’t change much as we became wedding photographers. Only, by adding the ingredients of creativity and passion,  we make it part of our life.

If you are looking for somebody to tell the story of your wedding day, Click. We’d love to meet and have a chat.

Oh, and PS: if you are interested in learning why Orange, here is the answer:

Orange, as a color, is always visible. Orange, as a flavour, is stimulating. Orange, as a word, is special. It’s the only word in English that does not rhyme with any other word. And these are the elements we’ll put into the images of your wedding, love + life stories. These are the kind of memories we want you to treasure for life.