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White Rock Beloved Couple Session | Carolina + Stuart

Care is a dear friend to us, but we weren’t able to meet Stuart until this photo session. However, we were sure he would only be the nicest guy because he agreed to do the photo shoot on an early Sunday morning. We were so right! And we like him even better when we learned he is a big fan of Chinese SPICY food…

Care and Stuart are probably the easiest couple to work with in front of the camera. They smiled the entire time and we loved watching them interacted with each other throughout the session.

Care and Stuart, thank you so much for being so amazing to work with. And don’t forget our “date” to try out some real good SPICY food in Richmond…

FVTwestival 2011 Begin

Twestival is the largest global grassroots social media fundraising initiative.  Since 2009 volunteers have raised an incredible $1.2 million for 137 non profit groups!  In Vancouver, Accra, Ghana, Bangalore, India and many places in between people, most of whom have connected originally online, will gather in support of this initiative.  This is the first year that the Fraser Valley will be one of those destinations.


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