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Managing the Social Media Mix

When we started our business, social media was already huge in business communications. Although we didn’t understand much of it, we just followed everyone else and registered everywhere—-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. and etc..

We were, and sometimes we still are, confused and overwhelmed by it. We feel like we are updating all the time and yet we don’t really know what is the point. Sometimes, we even forget, or pretend that we forget and we just stop and disappear for a few days until we realize its importance again.

Clearly there’s no strategy. And so we decided to change. We did some research and found a sea of resources on how to determine your strategy, develop a plan and manage the social media mix. And here are a few simple and practical ways we learned:

1. Be yourself. Guess this is a rule that applies everywhere. Don’t pretend to be someone or something you are not. Create your own voice and your own style.

2. Focus on topics that you are genuinely interested to attract the likeminded followers and build your audience.

3. Be consistent. Update regularly.

4. Ue scheduling systems such as HootSuite to help update regularly. I found HootSuite very helpful, especially when I know that we wouldn’t have time to update the next day or days. Do remember not to post the same thing everywhere. Your fans/followers will just get bored.

5. Actively connect with others, ask questions, start and/or engage in conversations.

6. Be generous. Share your thoughts, but retweet other people’s link and valuable content as well. We know some wedding photographers feature other vendors on their blog, do that on social media, too.

7. If there’s something new on your website and you want to promote it, tweet a few times during the week to increase its exposure. Don’t overdo it in a day.

And at the beginning, it’s always a good idea to run contests/giveaways (for photographers, maybe a free portrait session) to attract more followers.

Last but not the least, would you like to connect with us on social media? Click.

I am sure many of you (our readers) are more expert on social media than we are. Mind sharing some of your tips?

Walk and Fly

white rock beach

White Rock has a reputation of being one of the sunniest locales in Lower Mainland, BC. Meteorological statistics shows White Rock has 20% more sunshine than Vancouver.

We love to spend weekend afternoons there whenever the weather permits. A beer, an ice cream, or just a simple walk along the beach is a always a good time.

Happy Easter and…

Talk about how time flies! It’s Easter this weekend! A bit early, but Happy Easter, everyone!

We spotted this tree on our way shopping across the border. It’s so Easter, right? Just lovely…

vancouver easter egg

We would also like to share this great news with you. We are honoured to be a guest blogger for Vancouver Sun‘s Chinese website We’ll update regularly about—well, everything— life, travel, events, food, photography tips and etc.. in Chinese. Please do drop by and check us out.

NingBo. China | Old and New

It’s been a while since our trip to China. We’ve been thinking of posting some pictures we took during the trip, but it seems too overwhelming. As exciting as it was, for this long time we haven’t been back to where we were born and grew up, this land becomes very strange to us, and as a result, providing many elements to photograph.

It is well known that China is one of the biggest economy in the world now. With the development at ever-fast rate, everything old is torn down. In cities and villages, it is all now a blend of new and old. This series of pictures were taken in Ningbo, Leon’s hometown, using iPhone. We update our iPhone photos in Instagram regularly if you are interested: lin_orangememories and leon_orangememories

Ningbo Museumningbo downtownTianyigeNingbo photoNingbo Centre Business Districtzen photoxiangshan, chinaChina Old Townchina old templesningbo china old townOrange Memories Photography

Look forward to an Exciting 2013

wedding celebration firecrackerHappy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2013 already and the first half of January is almost gone. So the first post of the new year… what should we talk about?

Well first of all we had a great 2012. We’ve done more weddings in Vancouver and got to know quite a few fabulous couples. We’ve started to offer new wedding books. We’ve designed a new logo. And more importantly, we did an international wedding in China. We know it’s all just a start but it’s great that we are making progress and we are one or two steps closer to our goals.

As it is the off season for wedding photography, we’ve spent some time planning for another exciting new year. Some of our new year resolutions include to book more weddings of course, to get ourselves more out there in the real world and spread our presence on social media, to reach more couples and to build relationships in the photography world and the wedding industry, etc.

While we keep focusing on developing our business locally, we are also hoping to generate interest internationally. We definitely want to do more destination weddings around the world, but Asian countries—-China, Japan, Malaysia—-just to name a few, feel like a perfect starting point for us because of the cultural connections. It’s definitely going to be a new year that we are very much looking forward to.