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2012 July Instagram Photos

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We’d love to share a collection of our Instagram photos every month. If you’d like to follow our Instragram feed, you can find us by “lin_orangememoriesphoto” and “leon_orangememories”.

Our First Grind | Grouse Grind for Kids

Thanks to our friends Christie and Dai, we finally gathered the courage to take on the challenge of Grouse Grind for Kids last Saturday. It was hard and I have to admit I would have given up if there was a way out on the way up. Luckily, there isn’t. So we made it to the top, and surprisingly, we were not the last one. haha!

Leon took all the photos below. I took my camera as well, but that was a complete mistake. I only had the strength to breathe… 🙁

BTW: Fitness Town is fundraising for BC Children’s Hospital. If there is any way you could help, click here.

grouse mountain liftgrouse grind getting readygrouse mountaingrouse grindtreesgreenGrind for kidsGrind for kidsgrouse mountain lift

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Happy Anniversary!

anniversary photo

(where we were engaged)


we fuss

we fight

we laugh

we enjoy

we love

Cheers to our imperfectly perfect relationship…

(where we got married)