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Happy Easter and…

Talk about how time flies! It’s Easter this weekend! A bit early, but Happy Easter, everyone!

We spotted this tree on our way shopping across the border. It’s so Easter, right? Just lovely…

vancouver easter egg

We would also like to share this great news with you. We are honoured to be a guest blogger for Vancouver Sun‘s Chinese website We’ll update regularly about—well, everything— life, travel, events, food, photography tips and etc.. in Chinese. Please do drop by and check us out.

Wedding Photographers: Aim for Speed

Speed is important.

In the Internet world, how speedy your website/blog loads is one important factor that determines how many pages a search engine will spider your site each day. It is especially important for a wedding photographer’s site as we always use big size photos and lots of them.

Today, we want to share some tips that help speed a WordPress website. It’s not hard at all, nothing about code. Just 3 easy tools:

1. Install W3 Total Cache for WordPress.

2. Use CloudFlare. It helps your websites load faster, but also protects you from online spammers and hackers. You can choose between a free account or a paid pro-account.

We haven’t tried MaxCDN yet, but heard it’s a good choice too.

3. Try Amazon CloudFront. Set up an account and choose to save your images to CloudFront automatically. It works miracle.

You can change the settings in W3 Total Cache plugin. It’s simple. Jump to CND setting, put in your account information, and then copy your website URL into your Cloudfront account. This changes the address of your images to You can change it back to your own domain. For example, ours would be:

Google PageSpeed Tools give us an overall PageSpeed Score of 99(out of 100).

Now your turn. We’d love to hear your feedback when you use the tips above. Meanwhile, would you like to share your thoughts about making website load faster?google pagespeed report

NingBo. China | Old and New

It’s been a while since our trip to China. We’ve been thinking of posting some pictures we took during the trip, but it seems too overwhelming. As exciting as it was, for this long time we haven’t been back to where we were born and grew up, this land becomes very strange to us, and as a result, providing many elements to photograph.

It is well known that China is one of the biggest economy in the world now. With the development at ever-fast rate, everything old is torn down. In cities and villages, it is all now a blend of new and old. This series of pictures were taken in Ningbo, Leon’s hometown, using iPhone. We update our iPhone photos in Instagram regularly if you are interested: lin_orangememories and leon_orangememories

Ningbo Museumningbo downtownTianyigeNingbo photoNingbo Centre Business Districtzen photoxiangshan, chinaChina Old Townchina old templesningbo china old townOrange Memories Photography


wedding day portrait

Happy Monday! How’s your week going so far? Well, ours is fantastic.

A couple of weeks ago, Kandace reached out to us and introduced herself and the fantastic learn love website she runs together with her husband. A few emails later, I know I like her. She’s the kind of person who really cares, and you can see it through the way she emailed and wrote.

Almost a year ago, we met Sylvia and Curtis in a coffee shop in Vancouver. They had booked us before that, and the meeting just confirmed that we all did the right thing. To photograph their engagement session and their wedding was such a blast. We are so glad that they chose us as their wedding photographers and now we call each other friends.

Today, we are delighted to see Sylvia and Curtis’s Bowen Island wedding featured on learn love so that more people could see their love and their ability to put happiness in people around them. Thank you Kandace!



Look forward to an Exciting 2013

wedding celebration firecrackerHappy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2013 already and the first half of January is almost gone. So the first post of the new year… what should we talk about?

Well first of all we had a great 2012. We’ve done more weddings in Vancouver and got to know quite a few fabulous couples. We’ve started to offer new wedding books. We’ve designed a new logo. And more importantly, we did an international wedding in China. We know it’s all just a start but it’s great that we are making progress and we are one or two steps closer to our goals.

As it is the off season for wedding photography, we’ve spent some time planning for another exciting new year. Some of our new year resolutions include to book more weddings of course, to get ourselves more out there in the real world and spread our presence on social media, to reach more couples and to build relationships in the photography world and the wedding industry, etc.

While we keep focusing on developing our business locally, we are also hoping to generate interest internationally. We definitely want to do more destination weddings around the world, but Asian countries—-China, Japan, Malaysia—-just to name a few, feel like a perfect starting point for us because of the cultural connections. It’s definitely going to be a new year that we are very much looking forward to.