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Being a Chinese bride has its benefits, like you gotta wear two wedding dresses. One Chinese red, one western white, very different in style, but equally stunning. We’ve been photographing a few Chinese weddings lately and really loved them. Maybe that’s because we share the same background so we can relate.

Korie and Morgan’s wedding was featured on Vancity Bride blog yesterday. As we mentioned before, Korie put a lot of efforts in planning and organizing her wedding. We are so excited to see her hard work recognized and presented by one of Vancouver’s best wedding bloggers! Check it out.

Photographing People’s Real Emotions

fraser valley engagement session

One of the most intimidating elements for us in the wedding photography business is to interact with clients during the photo shoot. Saying something like “just be yourself”, or “relax” is not going to do the magic. Actually, it could even lead to the extreme opposite.

But what to do? What to say? How to pose them? Those are the questions we kept asking ourselves before each shoot when we just started, especially for the engagement photos. I would be dishonest if I say we don’t do it now. We still do, but we don’t sweat that much.

With more experience and learning, we kinda just accepted the fact that there’s going to be a little awkward time at the beginning. And we don’t have to worry about it. Keep talking to the clients, help them go through the process. I know, what to say? The other day, I was listening to Tamara Lackey on creativeLIVE and she said, if you are listening, you’ll never run out of things to say. That is so true. You’ll just have to have a genuine interest in your clients and really listen.

In addition, engage them interacting with each other. They’ll warm up. When they start to laugh out loud, we know here comes the prime time to shoot. They are happy so they are less focused on the photographer and so we have the chance to capture some real emotions.

Styled Shoot Inspirations | Wedding

Our friend Lydia (who is a fantastic make-up artist) showed us a magazine with all kinds of amazing make-up ideas in it. Its cover features one idea that is inspired by peacock and its colourful feathers. The model looks absolutely stunning in that picture and it makes us wonder how we can incorporate this idea into a styled wedding photo shoot.

The idea is still brewing, but in the meanwhile, here’s a picture of a peacock we took while we were in San Diego.


Up on Whistler Mountain | vancouver wedding phtographer

After a short 2-hour drive, we arrived in Whistler. Neither of us can ski, but we really like this small town. Surrounded by snow mountains, it’s very cozy and makes a great place for a small getaway. This is a scene we saw up from the Peak to Peak Gondola. A family was using dogsled and snow mobile to cross the mountain. Perfect picture time, eh? We also tried something new this time, with some Chinese painting style post processing. How do you like it?

whistler photography

Which One is Your Favourite? | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

We can’t stress this enough. Our blog is part of our branding and we use it to define our style and help future clients to get to know us as a wedding photographer and our philosophy on photographing weddings, events, portraits and everything.

We take a lot of photos from a session but only blog a few. For example, we usually give clients about 500-600 photos from their wedding day, but we only blog dozens of them. We have to choose which ones are our favourites, and sometimes it’s not an easy process. Below is a series of images that Leon took at a wedding. Two bridesmaids were sitting at a window at the hallway before the reception started. They were beautifully backlit by sunlight through the window.

Each image creates a unique atmosphere and delivers its own flavour. However, it makes no sense to blog them all. At the end of the day, the third one is our pick. We feel it reflects our approach.

It’s a moment-in-between kind of moment, when the two finally got a moment to take a break, waiting for the bride to get ready for the speeches. It’s a spontaneous moment. The brightness in the centre and the darkness on the sides create a sense of space and distance. The image is taken to tell a story and convey the emotions. One would wonder: what are they talking about? We believe this is how our photos genuinely connect with you.


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