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Sun Run 2012, Are you ready? | Vancouver Event Photographers

Vancouver Sun Run is one of the most popular outdoor events in North America. It is a 10km race held in Vancouver every year since 1985. What makes it unique is that $1 for every registration goes to the Raise-a-Reader charity.

Last year, 60,000 people registered for the Sun Run and it wouldn’t be surprising if the number breaks the record again this year.

Sun Run 2012 is going to take place on Apr 15. Are you going to be there?

We are Back on, Website Being Hacked

Hacking is a familiar word to everyone now, I guess. But it just never occurred to us that our website could be a victim until it was hacked last Friday. So for the last few days, we’ve been working our asses off putting the website back online. Well, now it’s partly done. Still quite a lot to work on.

We still couldn’t comprehend the reasons why our website, a wedding photography website was targeted by any hacker. Our tech guy suspected it was the theme and plugins that we were using. His suggestion to prevent this happening again, is to choose from the themes and plugins that were listed on and update the website whenever a new update is available.

There are so many beautiful themes and great plugins out there but be cautious when you make your choice. Hopefully it will never happen to you. It was just a lot of mess and a lot of work and a lot of consequences.


New Changes | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

vancouver wedding photographer

So we made some changes on our website. Not much, just small changes to the slideshow photos. These photos, together with those on our blog, are the photos that we want to show to our brides and grooms. They reflect our style and help you understand what types of photos you will get on your wedding day.

Every time we went to photograph a wedding, we came back with not only a collection of photos but also an amazing experience and a great story, because of which, our images can make a real connection with the viewers. So to make it even more powerful, we now add an element of a newspaper front-page like design to the slideshow photos. We think it showcases more of our photojournalism style, and tells a better story.

Leon designed all of the layouts by himself. We love it! Would you like to go on to our website here and take a look? What do you think? We’d very much appreciate your feedback. 🙂

If We Could Grant You A Wish…

Today is the Thanksgiving across the border. So first of all, Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the United States! It is a start of the holiday season. The indication of Christmas can be noticed everywhere. The music in the mall, the lights on the streets, and the Christmas trees peeking out of our neighbour’s window… This is a time to celebrate, with fantastic food, surprising gifts, and endless cheers and laughters. It gives us an opportunity to step back from our daily lives and it brings people together. It’s also a time to share and give, to show our gratitude for what we get and how we get here.

For the past year or so, as we started getting into the event and wedding photography industry, many changes have taken place in our life. We’ve been through all kinds of ups and downs. We are glad that we are still around. We are thankful for our family and friends who support us, we are grateful for our clients who trust us, and we appreciate the vendors who work together with us. To show our genuine gratitude to everyone who makes a difference in our life, here is our way to give back. If we, as photographers, could grant you one wish, what would it be?

Please leave your comment below. We will pick one wish before Christmas and make it our first mission of the New Year!

It’s not a blog post without a photo, so…

Our self portrait

As photographers, we don’t end up in front of the camera very often. So it’s easy to forget how hard it is to be on the other side of the lens. When we have the camera in hands, we are confident, capable and comfortable. But turn that camera on us, totally different story.

We did an interview with Megan and Slava from Creative Couples this week at the White Rock Pier. It was quite fun and we look forward to the story about us published on their website soon. Slava took a few candid shots for us during the interview, but she also gave us an assignment to send her some of our own. Just to share a few of our favorites.