Hycroft Vancouver Wedding

Hycroft Vancouver Wedding

We reached out to Amber earlier this year to reconnect (last time we met her was about 5 years ago when we just started our business ) and ask for some business tips. Amber is one of the best wedding photographers we know and she is always willing to help. One thing Amber told us is to get to know our clients. It’s not just their names and their hobbies. It needs to be very specific to the extent that we know what age they are, what they do, what brands they wear, if they are morning person or night person, if they like coffee or tea, if they drink wine or beer, what kind of beer…

Well, after some reviews, we find that almost all our wedding clients are laid-back and easy going couples. They have a strong bond with their families and are surrounded with some close friends. They are excited about their engagement and look forward to their wedding, but they are not anxious or stressful. They are living in the very moment. They enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and camping. They are professionals with a creative mind. They are not too shy and withdrawn, nor are they too loud to scare us away. We have a connection. And most of them are immigrants, relocating to Vancouver from other countries or other provinces.

Carly and Mike are no exception. Their wedding was held in Hycroft Manor——the University Women’s Club of Vancouver last summer. And before that, we took their engagement photos at the Queen Elizabeth Park filled with cherry-blossoms.

At about 11am on the wedding day, Leon and I split up to photograph their getting-ready part in each of their homes in Richmond. It did not take long for Carly to get done with her makeup. She then helped her mom prepare her bride’s bouquet. And he helped her father pack the wedding cake and desserts. Since there’s still time till we leave for the first look yet, she decided to play video games with her bridesmaids in the basement! Meanwhile, Mike was home, still wearing his T-shirt and shorts, telling Leon stories about his cartoon figure collections.

This is exactly what we are hoping for on a wedding day. Our brides and grooms enjoy it instead of sweating it. They know what is important to them. They did what they can to plan a perfect wedding. But when the day comes, they let it go, to celebrate their love in the most genuine way possible. And this is how they will remember their wedding day.

Carly and Mike, thank you for creating such a wonderful wedding experience for yourself. You two left a huge impression on our hearts. Now, you become each other’s “honey” in your life. And please, keep sharing that sweetness in your journey that lies ahead. We wish you all the best!


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  1. Linda 04/26/2016 at 6:24 am

    What a fantastic wedding venue. And your photography is lovely. You captured their day beautifully.


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