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Rely on your camera, on your eye, on your good taste and your knowledge of composition, consider every fluctuation of color, light, and shade, study lines and values and space division, patiently wait until the scene or object of your pictured vision reveals itself in its supremest moment of beauty. In short, compose the picture which you intend to take so well that the negative will be absolutely perfect and in need of no or but slight manipulation.

I do not want him to be less artistic than he is to-day, on the contrary I want him to be more artistic, but only in legitimate ways.

I want pictorial photography to be recognized as a fine art. It is an ideal that I cherish as much as any of them, and I have fought for it for years, but I am equally convinced that it can only be accomplished by straight photography.

—–by Sadakichi Hartmann

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  1. John Jochimsen 01/02/2015 at 1:35 am

    Having spent fifty years as a photojouralist from the 1940’s to the 1990’s, I feel there is only one type of photography, the old way with wet hands and brown nails. It was an art form in those days as one had to focus, get the exposure, know the picture that was wanted and light it. I have published my memoirs and a picture book of 120 pictures, showing that photography is an art form, both available from Amazon. Have a look and let me know if we are both right.


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