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Less and Less rainy days in Vancouver means the spring is just around the corner, and the wedding season is almost here as well. Last Wednesday, Leon and I took a walk along the trail of the Serpentine Wildlife Management Area in Surrey. You can almost smell spring in the air, while the river flowing, the birds chirping, and greens sprouting through the withered grass.

Last summer, we met Beth and Justin at a Starbucks in Langley to listen to their story. When we learned that they were going to get married in Manning Park, we knew we had to photograph their wedding. Manning Park means a lot to us. Leon proposed there while we were on a camping trip with a group of friends. We were getting ready for a picnic diner on the bank of Lightening Lake, while he kneeled down and popped the question.

Honestly, it all feels like a blur now. I mean, I can still feel that evening. I can hear our friends cheering around us. I can remember I said YES, he put the ring on my finger, and he kissed me. But I can’t remember anything else. I can’t remember what he said, neither could he. Heck, he didn’t even know what he was saying at the time. He said he got too nervous that he forgot everything that he had scripted. And I, there were some complexed emotions. Surprised? Of course. Well, I kinda knew he would do it, just not then, not in front of so many people. And excited, happy, overwhelmed and a bit of embarrassment as well since I was not used to having every eye on me. But looking back now, with our friends there witnessing and celebrating with us, it was perfect and meaningful.

Enough about us. Back to our meeting with Beth and Justin. We learned about their ideas and plans, and discussed the details of their wedding. We also decided that we were going to rent the canoes after the ceremony and take some wedding photos on the Lightening Lake. It’s actually Justin’s idea. Adventurous and romantic!

We didn’t take any photos on our engagement night. I don’t know why. But it is a huge regret for me now. So we are glad that Beth and Justin decided to do theirs, and use them for their wedding invitation cards as well.

Sumas Mountain is their choice of the engagement photo shoot. The mountain is on the north side of the highway between Chilliwack and Abbotsford. It is close to their apartment, and also a place they visited quite often. From what they described to us, the mountain is almost like their own backyard. Sometimes they just went up there with their BBQ and have dinner there. Actually, that’s how Justin proposed!

Justin drove us in his pick-up truck all the way to the top of the mountain. The view is breathtaking! The Fraser River and the surrounding area lay in front of our eyes. Justin told us we can even see Mount Baker in a clearer day. Maybe the weather was not perfect for sight viewing, but it was perfect for our photo shoot. It was overcast most of the time, but every now and then the sun leaked through the clouds, leaving beautiful light and shadows for us to capture.

Being at a place they like and are familiar with made them feel comfortable, relaxed and confident. And it is a big plus that Beth and Justin are the type living in the moment. They might get a bit nervous at first, but they let it go soon. They sparkled with love and delight. Every look, move, and touch shows how deep they love each other. Thank you, guys, for making our first Sumas Mountain experience so amazing.

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