Vancouver Sun Run 2013: A Sea of Blue and Yellow

We can expect a sea of blue and yellow on the streets of Vancouver city on Sunday as the Sun Run participants are planning to honour the victims of Boston Marathon bombing.

You’d understand people would withdraw from a similar marathon event after Boston’s tragedy on Monday. The blasts took the life of a restaurant owner, an 8-year-old boy and a young Chinese international student, and injured more than 140 people.

But that’s not Vancouverites.

Instead, there’s been a surge in registration for the Sun Run. The number of people who registered on Monday doubled from last year; Tuesday, that number spiked again, with 965 new participants signing up.

Online registration was closed on Tuesday, but if you are still interested in taking part of this great event, go sign up in person at BC Place this afternoon (4pm, Thursday). The registration fee goes up to $60 but $10 out of it will be donated to the Boston bombing victims through One Fund Boston.

Have fun!

Vancouver Sun Run photoVancouver Sun Run 2013 Photo2013 Vancouver SunRun

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