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Xinxin and Thomas got married last fall. Yet here we are, posting their Vancouver engagement photos we took in the summer.(Wedding photos soon!) The memories of that afternoon on Granville Island are still vivid, though.

Both of them were a bit nervous at the beginning. So we took the time to talk a little bit, did a couple of test shots outside, and then headed into the public market. While they strolled inside searching for some fresh berries for a later picnic, we did some documentary photos as well. These are just a few things we do to warm them up. The rest of the session went like a breeze. I believe we all had a very good time.

Yes. Had a good time. That is what we hope you will feel after the session. And of course, some great engagement photos as well.

Engagement sessions can be overwhelming. Very few people feel comfortable in front of the cameras (ourselves would be very first in line). And this is probably your first professional photo shoot. And there is a good chance that this is the first time you meet us. Even if we’ve had our first meeting before, we are still practically strangers to you. And there’s a lot going on in your life, for one, you are busy planning your wedding!

With all of this going on, I doubt just “be natural”, “be yourself” will do the magic. We don’t expect you to relax and be natural right away, even without the cameras. That is why a warmup session of 5-10 minutes is very important. Just like in journalism, when you need to interview somebody, you do some pre-interview warm-up chatters first. You just need a little time. Let’s get to know each other, let you get used to the cameras.

I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of engagement sessions. It’s not just a photo session. It truly helps us learn your rhythm, find out what you like and what you don’t, and make adjustments accordingly. Believe me, if you love your engagement photos, you will love your wedding photos even more.

I am sure you will find a sea of information by googling. But don’t try to memorize the poses. It won’t make you any more natural in front of the cameras. Focus on the feelings and style you are attracted to. Even better, take a look at our Vancouver engagement photos.

For our future wedding clients, we will have an engagement session handbook ready for you after booking. It includes everything you need to know, how to pick a location, a time, your outfits and everything to prepare you for the session. You will be fine.

And for now, let’s take a look at Xinxin and Thomas’ engagement photos.

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