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We include a wedding book in each of our wedding photography collections because we believe this is the best way to remember your wedding. But the delivery model was a journey. First thing we tried was CD/DVD, and then USB and after that giving access to all the high-res images in an online gallery. But soon we found it not enough. Often, brides and grooms only get excited for a few days, sending the gallery link to their families and friends, and going a sharing-spree on Facebook. And then they are so busy with their day-to-day life and let the precious moments of their wedding day rot in the hard drives.

When we photographed a wedding, our motivation is to capture every moment that matters, not just on that day, but also in 50 years or 75 years. We want that you can keep them on your bookshelf, on your coffee table, or on your bedside. Anytime you see them, they take you back to your big day, bringing some smiles on your face.

Besides, with the technology changing almost every second, we are just afraid that day will come, and maybe very soon, when your images on CD, DVD, USB are not accessible any more. But having a wedding book (a good quality one), you can just take it out of the box, open and see and share, any time you like.

wedding album cover

Currently we offer two types of wedding books. I should make it clear that what we offer is a wedding book. I used to think wedding books and wedding albums are the same thing. We call ours wedding books because it goes with our story-telling approach. But after some research online, I found out clearly they are not. They serve the same purpose. But they use different papers, different printing techniques and etc. Make sure to check it out before you make your decision.

Anyway, we offer two types of wedding books. One is a documentary wedding book, and the other is a fine art book. (Take a look at the link, you will see what our fine art books look like.) You can choose between different sizes and number of pages. We don’t provide too many customization options here, as first we don’t want to confuse you; and second, we only create books that represent our style and approach. Typically, the documentary style books are either 100 pages or 200 pages in size 10×8 or 12×12; while the fine art books are all square books, up to 45 pages.

wedding book

I should point out the big difference between these two types of the wedding books. First of all, the documentary style means to tell a complete story, while the fine art ones are the selected precious moments depending on how many pages you choose. The company we use for fine art wedding books printing is VisionArt. They are a very reputable company in the industry. They use archival inks and fine art paper to give you a peace of mind that the paper won’t yellow over time. The seamless spreads and lay-flat pages will make sure you enjoy the photos 100%.

Don’t forget your parents while making your wedding books. They are the ones that are going to cherish these memories even more than you do. We offer duplicated books for them. Above the small book is what Xinxin and Thomas ordered for their parents, a 200 pages parent book in 10×8 size. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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